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About Us

The Bartizan boutique hotel is owned by Ayurveda Paragon Pvt. Ltd., a family owned business comprised of three hotel properties.   The first is Ayurveda Paragon, in Talpe, a health and wellness resort open since 1996.  The second is The Bartizan, in Galle Fort, opening in 2017 and the third project, at Koggala lake,  is currently under construction.


The colonial Dutch period began in Sri Lanka in 1640 and lasted until 1796. While the exact date of origin is unknown, it has been found that The Bartizan's original structure was built in the early 17th Century during the Dutch Colonial period. The building has been used for multiple purposes since then, the most recent one being the local Y.M.C.A for approximately 150 years. The building has undergone many renovations and changes during it's long period of existence. The most recent renovations have been an attempt to restore the building to it's former glory. During the renovations, much of the structure's original architectural elements were uncovered and restored.  At the same time, the rooms and common areas now boast modern amenities, furniture and fixtures, striking a delicate balance between old world ambiance and modern luxury.

The Bartizan's location is unlike any other hotel in Galle Fort today. It is located on the corner of the famous Pedlar Street, where travelers come to roam, shop, eat and discover Sri Lanka's colonial heritage and culture, and Rampart Street, which is adjacent to the Ramparts, and the perimeter of the Fort. The hotel overlooks the Fort's perimeter and the ocean beyond affording gorgeous views of the sunset over the ocean.  You would be hard pressed to find a better location, in Galle Fort or all of Sri Lanka, to relax and enjoy this hodgepodge of Sri Lankan culture and Dutch colonial heritage than The Bartizan.

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