Your Health Matters to Us


Safety First

As a  boutique hotel of only 10 rooms, The Bartizan is well equipped to handle and implement the safety guidelines suggested by World health organizations and Sri Lanka  health governing agencies.


We will have staff personnel of only up to 6 members at a time on hotel premises to observe social distancing measures. As a smaller hotel, we expect a very limited number of rooms occupied at any given time, and expect most guests may feel that they are the only ones occupying the hotel.


We feel this will be welcomed by most guests to enjoy their vacation. We have trained our staff in all the safety guidelines implemented at the hotel and we will do our best to provide you a safe and relaxing environment. The following is a list of safety measures to expect at The Bartizan. 

Covid-19 Safety Measures at The Bartizan

How do I learn how to use VCarve?

How come I cannot see my project Tap file on the pendant?

How do I add a post processor to Vcarve?

  • Download the correct post processor to your PC.
  • At the bottom of the toolpaths menu in VCarve is an Add Post Processor function, follow the instructions.
  • Alternatively highlight the Post Processor and select copy. In VCarve select File and then “Open applications data folders”, find and select the PostP subdirectory and paste in the post processor.
  • Restart VCarve to see if the post processor now displays.
  • For adding the PhotoCarve post processor do the following
    • 1.)Download the linked post processor
    • 2.) Open the PhotoVcarve Post Processor system folder. The default location is:
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoVCarve\PostP or
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoVCarve\Exec\PostP.
3) Copy CNCShark-USB_inch.pp from the save location and paste them into the PostP folder.
    • 4) Close PhotoVcarve

When PhotoVcarve is re-opened, the post processor will display in the post processors dropdown box. If the post processor does not display, try changing your desktop shortcut properties to "Runs as administrator" in the shortcuts advanced properties. Then open the program again.

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